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Dana Perino Net Worth (Forbes), Salary, Education, Marriage, Family in 2023

    Former White House Press Secretary, Dana Perino has a net worth of $85 Million. At present, she works as a political commentator on Fox News morning news show America’s Newsroom with her co-anchor Bill Hammer. She also co-hosts the network’s talk show “The Five” and earn and earns $14 million annually.

    Dana Perino Net Worth 2023

    Net Worth $85 Million
    Annual Salary$14 Million
    Annual Expenses$11 Million
    Book Royalties$1 Million
    Stock Portfolio$ 10 Million
    Dividend Income$2 Million

    Dana Perino Salary

    Dana Pernio has a contract worth $52 million for four years with Fox News for four years as per Caclubindia. From this contract, she will receive an annual average salary of $13 million each year.

    Dana Perino Salary 2023$14 Million
    Dana Perino Salary 2022$12 Million
    Dana Perino Salary 2021$11 Million
    Dana Perino Salary 2020$11 Million
    Dana Perino Salary 2015$6 Million

    Career and Wealth During Early Years

    Perino initially did an internship with many media organizations like KCCY-FM, KTSC-TV, and WCIA at a salary of under $1 million. After that decided to move to Washington DC for better work opportunities. Initially, she worked as a staff assistant. She got her dream job when she got hired as a press secretary for Dan Schaefer.

    In the end, her hard work paid off and she got hired as an associate director of communications at white house. He also acquired her initial wealth from this job. pernio also served as deputy press secretary from 2005 to 2007.

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    Net Worth in Recent Years

    Dana Marie Perino’s net worth has skyrocketed in recent years after signing a huge deal of $52 million with Fox News. Perino has gained sufficient initial wealth from his service to the White House.

    Dana Perino Net Worth 2023$85 Million
    Dana Perino Net Worth 2022$81 Million
    Dana Perino Net Worth 2021$76 Million
    Dana Perino Net Worth 2020$73 Million
    Dana Perino Net Worth 2015$42 Million
    Dana Perino Net Worth 2010$35 Million

    Personal Life

    Full NameDana Marie Perino
    Date of Birth9 May 1972
    Age51 years
    Place of BirthEvanston, Wyoming, United States
    OccupationPolitical commentator, Author, and television personality
    Political PartyRepublican
    EducationColorado State University
    HusbandPeter McMahon


    Dana Perino married a British citizen Peter McMahon at a very young age. They both met on an international flight and got their number exchanged. Peter married her when Perino was not a significant personality in United States politics. Perino got married at the birthplace of her husband in the United Kingdom. Peter was an established businessman in finance at the time of their marriage. After 8 years of marriage, Peter got American Citizenship, and now they are living together happily.

    Dana Perino’s Age Difference with Husband

    Dana Perino has an age difference of 18 years with her husband Peter McMahon. Despite such a huge age difference, the couple have lived together successfully for almost 25 years now. There are some myths circulating on social media about their divorce, but the couple has been living together.


    Perino was always a bright student. She had pursued his schooling from Ponderosa High School in Parker. Dana pursued her bachelor’s in mass communication from Colorado State University Pueblo. She also holds a degree in political science. She also holds a degree in public affairs from the University of Illinois Springfield.

    FAQs about Life and Dana Perino Net Worth

    How Old is Dana Perino Husband?

    Dana Perino husband, Peter McMahon is 69 years old as of 2023. Peter was born on 6 June 1954 in Blackpool, United Kingdom.

    How Much is Dana Perino Worth?

    Dana Perino net worth is $85 million as of 2023. She gained this handsome amount from years of continuous hard work. Her net worth has skyrocketed in the last five years.

    How Many Times has Dana Perino been Married?

    Dana Perino was married only once in 1998 to a 44-year-old man Peter McMahon at the age of 26 years. The couple has lived together for 25 as of 2023.

    Who was Dana Perino First Husband?

    Peter McMahon, an English man was the first husband of Dana Perino.

    How much Does Dana Perino Make a Year?

    As per some reports Dana Perino Makes around $18 million per year. Perino’s sources of income include Fox contracts, shares dividends, and book royalties.

    How Much Money does Dana Perino Make on The Five?

    Dana Perino Make around $2 million a year from his daily news show The Five on Network’s Talk. Most of her earnings come from his contract with Fox Media House.

    Dana Perino Social Media Handels and Contact Details

    White HouseDana Perino
    Fox NewsDana Perino