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Logan Paul Net Worth 2023 (Forbes)

    Logan Paul Net Worth is estimated to be $280 Million in 2023. Paul is the 6th highest-paid YouTuber in the world as per Forbes report. He draws this huge worth due to his large fan base on social media. Paul has over 23 million subscribers on YouTube and 27 Million on Instagram.

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    Logan Paul Net Worth 2023

    Net Worth$280
    Annual Income$70 Million
    WWE Earnings$20 Million
    Youtube Revenue$30 Million
    Real Estate$10 Million
    Startups$20 Million
    NFT Earnings$2 Million
    Sponsored Posts$5 Million


    Lagan Paul is Jackle of all trades. He had pursued many careers simultaneously at age of just at the age of 28 years. In his initial days, he created entertaining content for his audience on various video platforms. He also sold many NFTs at a decent profit. Logan made over 500,000 from selling a single NFT in 2022. He also done a commendable business in the real estate sector. Here is an in-depth analysis of Logan Paul’s WWE and YouTube career.

    Logan Paul’s WWE Career

    In 2018 he signed with WWE for the first time. Paul fought only 8 professional fights in his international boxing career. On 3 February 2018, he fought his first professional fight with Joe Willer. Logan Paul recently announced on his Twitter handle that he is going to feature in Australia’s Pro Wrestling Event going to happen in February at Optus Stadium.

    YouTube Career and Earnings

    Paul started his YouTube channel in 2016 while pursuing his bachelor’s. He gained a modest following from Platform Vine. Logan Paul made over $20 million in 2022. He generates this revenue from Adsense earnings from his YouTube channel, promotional videos, and sponsored posts from brands. As per reports Logan charges as much as $500 K for a single promotional post on his YouTube channel.

    Logan Paul Net Worth by Years

    Year Net Worth
    Logan Paul Net Worth 2023$280 Million
    Logan Paul Net Worth 2022$250 Million
    Logan Paul Net Worth 2021$230 Million
    Logan Paul Net Worth 2020$215 Million
    Logan Paul Net Worth 2019$190 Million
    Logan Paul Net Worth 2017$165 Million



    Logan Paul is fond of a luxurious lifestyle. He owns several luxury cars that are Polaris Slingshot, Ford Bronco, Dodge Challenger SRT, Mercedes-Benz Maverick Sprinter Van, and Mercedes-Benz G550. The total worth of all his cars is around $1 Million.

    Car NameCar Price
    Car NameCar Price
    Polaris Slingshot$50,000
    Ford Bronco$75,000
    Dodge Challenger SRT$1,00,000
    Mercedes-Benz Maverick Sprinter Van$65,000
    Mercedes-Benz G550$2,00,000
    The Cool Bus$1,20,000

    Real Estate

    Logan Paul recently bought a Desert Ranch house from LSD advocate Timothy Leary for over $1 Million. He owns a house in the center of Encino that is worth around $10 million. He also owns several residential and commercial properties in Encino.


    Logan Paul also earned a substantial amount by trading cryptocurrencies. He not only made money by trading cryptos but also by promoting various crypto investing platforms like Cryptozoo and Liquid Marketplace in his fanbase. Logan Paul also faced penalties of around $2 million due to CryptoZoo’s false commitments. Despite all of these difficulties in his crypto career, Paul was able to gain assets of around $5 million in the form of cryptocurrencies.


    Logan Paul is also an investor and founder of several successful startups. He is an investor in five startups that are Metaphysic, Whatnot, Lolli, Goldin Auctions, and Heaps. Metaphysic in a platform that develops content for marketing, and workspaces.

    Nft Sales

    Apart from his regular income from social media and promotions, Logan Paul also invested in several NFTs. Logan Paule made around $10 million from trading of NFts.


    Full NameLogan Alexander Paul
    NicknameThe Maverick
    Date of BirthOctober 18, 1995
    Place of BirthWestlake, Ohio, United States
    Height6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
    Weight185 lb (84 kg)
    OccupationYouTuber, Actor, Boxer
    Net Worth$35 million
    YouTube Subscribers23.6 million
    Instagram Followers65.7 million
    Twitter Followers6.3 million
    TikTok Followers28.1 million
    Is Logan Paul Colorblind?

    Yes, Loan Paul is Red-Green Colorblind. Logan himself told about his color vision problem at several events. He uses lenses to get rid of color vision problems at public events.

    Where does Logan Paul Live?

    Logan Paul lives in his own house in Westlake, Ohio. Paul is fond of luxury houses and he also owns several other houses in other parts of the USA.

    FAQs About Logan Paul Net Worth

    What is Logan Paul’s Net Worth?

    Logan Paul’s Net Worth is estimated to be around $280 million as of 2023. He is one of the highest-paid creators around the world. He has a large loyal fanbase across his social media handles.

    How Much is Logan Paul Worth?

    Logan Paul is worth around $280 million. He draws this worth from his works in different sectors. His huge worth compared to other YouTubers is the result of his steady hard work.

    Is Logan Paul is in WWE?

    Yes, Logan Paul is in WWE. He is a YouTuber turned wrestler. He has fought a total of eight international WWE fights.

    What Did Logan Paul Do?

    Logan Paul is engaged in several professions. He is a YouTuber, WWE wrestler, Founder, and investor. He also has been engaged in the real estate market in the past few years.